Under New Management!

Hi everyone! My name is Margot Armbruster, I’m a poet and a senior in high school at Brookfield Academy in Brookfield, WI, and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be taking over as Managing Editor of this blog! While Amanda Reavey, our former editor, will be guiding me through the transition process and generally serving in an advisory role, the majority of the posts you will see from now on should be from me.

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the readership and frequency of posts on this blog, we are looking for editors to work under me and help produce each section of the blog. Peter Burzynski has already agreed to serve as our April Poetry Month Editor, but we are still seeking applicants for First Tuesdays Editor (highlighting local poets on the first Tuesday of each month), Reviews Editor, and Interviews Editor. If you are interested in any of these positions or would simply like to contribute to the blog, please contact me at woodlandpatternblog@gmail.com.

I’m so excited to see how this blog grows and transforms in the coming months! Once again, if you have any questions or are interested in helping out, please email me at woodlandpatternblog@gmail.com.


Creativity through Music

Immediately after breakfast, the students were introduced to Joseph and Pat who helped them make beats and write lyrics for a song. They spent all morning tapping into and finding their musical flow. Many talented students came out of their shells and showed that they were extremely gifted musically. All of them were able to contribute to the song that will be handed out on CD tomorrow to the students. After creating lyrics to the song some students actually were able to record their verses. Also during the free time that they had, students were requested to have their anthology poem done by lunch. All of  these talented students have amazing poems that will be put together in the anthology.




Creative Improv

Yesterday, the students took a trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo. There they were able to see all of the magnificent animals at the zoo. They saw the elephants, which is always a favorite. The saw giant cats like lions and tigers, and yes they saw some bears too. Oh My! They saw the peacock that like to run around at the zoo and had a great time. They used the sights they saw to create some amazing poems about the animals.

After arriving and eating,  the Woodland Pattern students got out of their comfort zones using comedic improv. First they loosened themselves up by playing some circle games. Then they each had to create a character and story based on traits given by the other students. For example, one student became a 21 year old farmer named Georgia. Georgia was named after her grandma and had a pegged leg which caused her to have a limp. She also had the habit of touching her chin a lot. Georgia told her audience that she has a best cow friend named Betsy. Her and Betsy talk all the time about the other cows on Georgia’s farm. In another improv story, a student was a 400 year old vampire named Olga, but she told everyone her name was Craig. Craig said that her favorite point in history that she lived through was World War 2. She had 3 snakes and only one friend. Another student was an artist from Texas named Sadie Jo. Sadie Jo had a habit of scratching her arm and walking with her hand in the air. All the students had a fun time creating these outrageous stories in the improv workshop. For today’s field trip, the students are going to Redline Printing to create t-shirts with the name of this week’s theme which is “Capturing Creativity.”