April Poetry Month (Day 16): Sylvia Cavanaugh #npm15 #wppoets

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Cavanaugh photoOriginally from Pennsylvania, Sylvia Cavanaugh has an M.S. in Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin- Madison.  She currently teaches high school African and Asian geography and cultural studies.  She is the advisor for the District One Breakdancers.  Her poems have appeared in Stone Boat Literary Journal, Verse Wisconsin, Red Cedar Review, An Ariel Anthology, Seems, and Midwest Prairie Review.





Midwest Weather Report

She says ain’t no way
they’re going to expunge
that felony
her grin throws sparks
from under tinder-blonde hair

he speaks of entry
into vacant houses
and also with her friend, underage
he learned to play
from his father
rural life collapsing in on itself
a voracious entropy
feeding on on its own

until he turns 18
I supervise the cinder block room
lunchtime window sunshine gone
he sometimes brings me German chocolate
explores the alchemy
of reverse ionic charge
on school-issue laptop
while she texts
from her splintered screen

his three hundred pounds
clobbers me at chess
he confesses a desire
to lose weight
lose the conviction
but not the sister
storming through his groin

Spirit Park

1.   Spirits from the other world
have come to inhabit
Vollrath Park in Sheboygan
at night
when headlights penetrate
deep into trees
I drive b-boys home
from a late night session
and they point it out
as my lights swing round the corner

2.   Choua hands a bottle
of purple Gatorade to his crew
as they load up
shoulder to shoulder
into my Camry
drink this, he says

later, at New China Buffet
they discuss the unopened bottle
and whether to pass it around
his soul will know
says a boy named Lao

3.   back at Vollrath
named for a factory founder
of industrial foodservice equipment
immigrant men
          cast off from camps
challenge each other
to a game of spinning tops

an uncle whips his
with the precision of steel
exploding into smoke and flame
fracturing into fragments

leaving just a trace
of pale ash on asphalt

Space Time Continuum

Radius radios forth from the center
rotates infinitesimal multitudinous possibility
slicing between seconds of a clock

birdsong against flight against clouds passing by
percussive jazz of two against three
sheer impossibility of Tuvan throat song

to think we envision time enclosed in a circle
comfortable like a cup of tea
boundaries visible, knowable
area visible, too
but with a catch

the ratio of diameter to circumference
bursts rational borders
streams digits beyond every conceivable edge
on and on

the needle of our own oblivion
flickers and winks
from the banded face of time


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