April Poetry Month (Day 25): Kathrine Yets

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Kathrine Yets spends her days surrounded by cyclamen and hydrangea as a florist. She grew up in the small town of Big Bend, Wisconsin.


During the War

inspired by Brittany Konieczka’s photography

Spring had left us restless like crocuses crouched in the grass.
The sound of airplanes brought us home every night,
rustling through the back yard to a wet porch
floodlit by the kitchen window. The sky a washed-out denim,
stalling before the stars came. We stumbled
up the wood steps and the whoosh above
made us cover our ears. We were young,
and our eyes rolled up like in death to look.
We were young and knew nothing of disaster
or a longing for home. We were always home.
Could smell our stepdad’s vodka before it hit the glass.
The planes flew just above our roof
so close we thought we could just reach and grab a wing.


[April Poetry Month 2015 Table of Contents]


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