April Poetry Month (Day 28): Jeannie E. Roberts

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Jeannie E. Roberts is an artist, a poet and photographer. Her poems have appeared in Off the Coast, Quill & Parchment, and other literary journals and anthologies. Her chapbook Nature of it All was published by Finishing Line Press in 2013. For more, visit http://www.jrcreative.biz.

Narcotic of March

The Harbinger-of-Spring
rises with ardent offerings
from Sun and Earth.
Affable change awakens
Crocus, where Arbutus
trails toward Daffodil’s
showy corona, its petal-like
perianth bursts with color―
Narcissus kisses the air
as if narcotic, its trumpets
exude the intoxicating notes
of Spring, and light reflects
life’s perennial addiction.

Oddly Enough

It awakens
Shades lift

with peerless
might. Singular
in its journey

to disperse
distinctive light.

on Earth’s horizon
in its display

from all things

from mans’
mere mortal

Spider Writes

                    ―inspired by Judy Keown’s spider photograph

                              ―with nod to E. B. White

Yellow yawns above sage
and olive, over foliage
blurred beneath light;
green bleeds where leaves
blend behind silken filter,
where tendrils creep, plant
soft echoes, the eight-legged
type. Gloved and poised,
blackened movers star center
web; here, Argiope waits
until dinner drops in. And
spinnerets stitch zigzags
in white, write sticky-notes,
perhaps, even lifesavers like:


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