“Increase Lapham & Lorine Niedecker” by Martha Bergland and Paul G. Hayes

What Region? series 1.2

What Region? series 1.2

What Region? is a biannual series of monograph pamphlets published by the Friends of Lorine Niedecker and Woodland Pattern.

“I sent University of Wisconsin Milwaukee a copy of T & G way back in Sept. A few days ago I wrote: Did you fail to receive? They answer they’ve placed it with regional materials. I should ask: What region—London, Wisconsin, New York?”
—Lorine Niedecker in her December 7, 1969 letter to Cid Corman

“Increase Lapham & Lorine Niedecker” explores connections between Lapham and Niedecker uncovered during research for Martha Bergland and Paul G. Hayes’ book, Studying Wisconsin: The Life of Increase Lapham (Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2014).

About the Authors

Martha Bergland is the author of two novels, A Farm Under a Lake and Idle Curiosity, both published by Graywolf, and is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize for her short story “An Embarrassment of Ordinary Riches.” Articles and essays have appeared in Fine Gardening, Milwaukee Magazine, and other journals. Her short stories appear in Great River Review. Studying Wisconsin: The Life of Increase Lapham, her most recent book with Paul G. Hayes, was published this year by Wisconsin Historical Society Press. Bergland, who taught English for many years at Milwaukee Area Technical College, enjoys Lorine Niedecker’s poetry, Scandinavian art, pottery and playing with paper.

During 33 years at The Milwaukee Journal, science reporter Paul G. Hayes often relied on the work of Increase Lapham, whose home had been three blocks north of the newspaper office. After retiring in 1995, Hayes continued to write, often referring to Lapham and his contributions. The biography, Studying Wisconsin: The Life of Increase Lapham, co-authored with Martha Bergland, is a fitting finale to a fifty-year acquaintance. Paul and his wife live in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, where they raised two sons.