2016 Woodland Pattern Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge.jpg

We’ll keep all updates, reviews, motivations and more on this blog throughout the year! Treat this page like a Table of Contents.

  1. Sally’s Hair by John Koethe
  2. Almost Crimson by Dasha Kelly
  3. Though I Haven’t Been to Baghdad by Margaret Rozga
  4. Proving Nothing to Anyone by Matt Cook
  5. Milwaukee Does Strange Things to People: New & Selected Poems 1979-2007 by Susan Firer
  6. Boomerang by Brenda Cardenas
  7. Bicycle by Roberto Harrison
  8. Apprenticed to Justice by Kimberly Blaeser
  9. [PAUSE] by Stephen Wetzel
  10. Houses by Nikki Wallschlaeger
  11. Paths to Resemblance by Hal Rammel
  12. Increase Lapham & Lorine Niedecker by Paul G. Hayes & Martha Bergland
  13. Marilyn by Amanda Ngoho Reavey
  14. Cream City Review, Volume 39 Issue #1: Genre Queer edited/ curated by UWM Graduate Students
  15. The Platformist by Chuck Stebelton
  16. Weweni by Margaret Noodin