April Poetry Month (Day 14): Roberto Harrison #npm16 #wppoets

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Roberto Harrison is the author of Os (subpress, 2006), Counter Daemons (Litmus Press, 2006), bicycle (Noemi Press, 2015), culebra (Green Lantern Press, forthcoming 2016), Bridge of the World (Litmus, forthcoming 2017), Yaviza (Atelos, forthcoming) as well as of many chapbooks. He is also a visual artist.





absorbent heart

your values aren’t right
for this age
or memory

color line. globes
of the Sea
survive revelation

as the Moon reflects
its own interior
revolver. I live

as a condemned
callused body
under salt water sand, far from your destructions. where are

the people of the lost (shut out the hate)
arc, in a service (love so remote)
to more water? worn

eclipse of a human
emergence, foils of the barricade
a face speaks

from isomorphic ferns
lines of sacrifice
burn the god of a naked mammal

I am the Loon
“the silence of our
beautiful consciousness”

“in love with everything
you make it impossible to be myself in this
place. where can I go?” –Baraka

attentive score
for the core
of death: black, red and white as I wake

an expansive heart
absorbs all the evil
a veil of the world

and cancels
the Loon’s empty

for the more of the deep
currents of the light’s
darkest refuge. I am the Loon

I hunt with blood in my eyes

I wander in the morning
and float above
the wound fish of the spirits


dearest animal

dearest faun, the approach to the weather
that others portray as we see the adorned, the material

captioning that the forest undoes for witness, of what is seen
and what is absorbed by the flesh of the wind, none of those

disasters or the war, and none of the Sea will write it to the unformed
as someone of the other field attends to your received oblivion

an eclipse of your offering, of your desire to remain outside all consciousness
in the weather that attends to your gift of wandering, all the fields

and the groups are yours in this focus of the soil, of the insects, of our
detriment that the offers of reconciliation and their more new organs

of the possible. those who cradle in their appeasement of the storms
and raid the antlers that hold your secondary wakefulness, like all others

in their fuse for the climate of Return. dear animal, you cause me to float
those openings where we emerge as a climbing symbol

as those who attend to your eyes and your feet, for a cut inside
by the knives of semblances and by the origins of our increasing abscess

to remain like the mountain of an encroaching pocket
and like the hold of its arms of the few to the path of the worn



walking to the news of an eventual collapse, those ejected minds
of the walking thing of the speech of birds, they announce their own
development from ashes to make a song and deliver the hunted
landscape to its starts. those of us who knew something of the engine
would remove the approach to animals as a second wind, the coming
of pages of light and nectar. but once the arrival of her tent
would move the inhabitants of the Sea, and the consciousness of the Ocean
to pursue the network that sparks their shining single dream
to the pavement, the oceanic feet that would not muse its face or
deter those breaks from the second light of the morning, or one would
say the easy atonements that their push from the animal
would enlarge so that they would speak and we would understand,
these assembly code calypsos deter the kindly face that hates and pummels
as these will undo their coloring and the fur of the path. do not stop
until you know it well with both feet. 


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