April Poetry Month (Day 30): Bruce Taylor #npm16 #wppoets

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Bruce Taylor


Bruce Taylor,  Poet Laureate of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is the author of eight collections of poetry, including The Longest You’ve Lived Anywhere: New & Selected Poems 2013 and editor of eight anthologies including Wisconsin Poetry (Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts & Letters), and  Higher Learning, (Prentice Hall 3rd ed.) 2011. His poetry has  appeared in such places as Able Muse, The Chicago Review,  The Cortland Review ,  The Nation, The New York Quarterly, Poetry , Poetry SuperhighwayRattle, Rosebud, Verse Wisconsin and on the Writer’s Almanac. He lives in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin with his wife, the writer, Patti See.


Yesterday’s Poem

regrets everything,
is strangled by circumstance,
mourning and wishing
and wondering why.

I used to love yesterday’s
poem, all echo and hindsight,
trailing the little that was
left of not that long ago.

A record of the gone beyond,
all I thought finished and done,
it seemed to be everything
there was to say, at the time.

For instance, this cup
of half cold coffee half full
and the shadow of that birch
tossed upon another page

the waves of course
and if not that gull
then another hovering
just hovering.


Another Poem You Try to Read

but wake in a surprising shade,
your glasses still on barely
and the book spread open
across your grumbling belly.

The cat in a coma across your feet
the dog dreaming in the coming chill,
fridge whining, furnace complaining,
the pine outside your window still

last you knew full of morning and song,
a long shadow leading to a setting sun.
The last line you read you try in
the gathering dusk to read again.


Those Drinking Days

To those lovers
who people impossibly
the possible world
in whose arms all
ideal passions rise

to whose fierce kiss
the sensible world
throws back its head
and bares its neck
and cries

to whose slow touching
under stars whose
nowhere walking
arms around waists
whose starry eyes

whose whiskey lips
and staggering embrace
the sleeping world
stirs in its dreaming
and sighs.


[April Poetry Month 2016 Table of Contents]

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