Poetry Camp Kickoff!

Today was the first day of Woodland Pattern’s Poetry Camp 2016, and boy was it a hot one! The participants, along with the instructors for the week had the opportunity to go to Urban Ecology Center (Riverside) and experience nature a little bit. While at the Urban Ecology Center, the group was led on a hike by one of the employees. During the hike, there were several opportunities for students to use nature to inspire and jump start their creative processes. After visiting the UEC, the group came back to the Woodland Pattern Bookstore and enjoyed a nice lunch while sipping water or lemonade from little cute mason jars provided by the camp’s coordinator. After lunch, the groups were split in two, the group of high schoolers and the group of middle schoolers. From that point, each group went to their designated locations where they either worked on poetry or began to create a collage for the group’s anthology that each participant will receive at the end of the week.



All poetry camp blogs are written by Nahjai Trotter. Nahjai is a former poetry camp student who has come back as a Social Media intern. She will be blogging and posting to social media each day. Follow her tweets and posts by searching #WPpoetrycamp.