Beware the Jabberwock! Poetry Camp Day 2

Day two of the camp was somewhat less awkward than the first day. As I observed each group I noticed each individual becoming more comfortable with the people they would be spending the next five days with. Jokes were being made and there was a good response of laughter from the others. The workshop today was a representative from Milwaukee’s Repertory Theater. She worked with the two groups during two separate times to find ways to connect poetry to writing, acting and reading. After each group had their chance to work with our guest artist, we said goodbye to her and it was time for lunch! Having lunch seems to be the best part of the day for some students. When lunch was over, it was time for a field-trip. Today’s field-trip was to one of my favorite Milwaukee locations: the Art Museum. While at the museum, students were challenged to find a piece of art that was extraordinary to them. This challenge of course followed this week’s theme, “Be extraordinary, not equivalent.” Our time at the museum went so quick, and by the time students really began to enjoy the art, it was time to return to the bookstore. In my books, seems like another successful day at poetry camp and hopefully the third day is just as great!


All poetry camp blogs are written by Nahjai Trotter. Nahjai is a former poetry camp student who has come back as a Social Media intern. She will be blogging and posting to social media each day. Follow her tweets and posts by searching #WPpoetrycamp.