April Poetry Month (Day 6): D. H. Johnston #npm17 #wppoets


D. H. Johnston, Marshfield, has been in the field of education for 19 years. She loves cultivating young writers, nurturing poems and harvesting stories and tales about the Great Lakes and inland. She has been published in WFOP Calendars, Artists’ Muse, Design Magazine, and Mailbox Magazine.

Oh, Gentle Traveler

As you make your way,
know my love is with you.
Be strong across broad water.
Journey the length of the great river.
Find me in the glow of each sunrise.
Feel my strength in the tall pine and
my tender kiss in buttercup and hyacinth.
May clear crisp winds surround you,
shelter you always.

*previously printed in WFOP Poetry Calendar


We came to rest near your shore.
Let me cleanse away the worry.
My waves wash up to greet you,
Carrying away your dread.

We wish to walk on the sand,
to uncover your deposits.
Take what you need,
But leave the rest.
Share the treasures of the commons.

We are mesmerized by the melting sunsets.
Allow the glowing orb
to command your attention,
to release your burdens.

We are here to renew and refresh,
to be caressed by lake breezes.
Listen for my language;
it travels on the waves and the wind.

Campfire Theology

Charred remains of last night’s campfire
speak to us like Turkish coffee grounds.
Under the constellations
of an archer, a maiden, and a swan,
we imagine goals
we’ll live to see, become.
Blue and yellow flames lap
against the tinder,
warm the embrace of the cool night.
We wait for the embers’ last glimmer.
As our dreams float up to the stars.