April Poetry Month (Day 7): Phyllis Beckman #npm17 #wppoets

Phyllis-March+2016.jpgPhyllis Beckman looks forward to sunrises and sunsets while living out the last quarter century of her life in Onalaska, Wisconsin with her husband Dave. A member of Women Writers Ink and the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, she writes poetry from the inside out.






I was spooked by a raisin
Dark and wrinkled
Writhing on the floor
I called for the aid
Of my husband
To remove it, a
Task I abhor,
When suddenly I spied
A peanut,
Pale and salty which
Gave me an inkling
That surely I’d erred
To be foolish
And scared
Of the trail mix
I’d spilled
Without thinking


askew’s me!

it’s odd, somehow
to be slightly off key
to be brightly adrift 
to be lost…
woe is me
to be slanted and shifted
ah well                       
askew’s me!


Wake up Call

Eclipsing the street lights
Stealthy, silent and wan
Delivered from darkness
Fragrant as a newborn
Moment by moment
Present, a brief stay
Dawning, then bowing
Making way for today