April Poetry Month (Day 17): Franklin K.R. Cline #npm17 #wppoets

fkrc headshot (1)Franklin K.R. Cline is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, a PhD candidate in English—Creative Writing at the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin, a member of Woodland Pattern Book Center’s Board of Directors, and the book reviews and interviews editor of cream city review. He lives in Milwaukee with three cats and his wife, Rachel Kincaid.


So What

I wanted to get drunk
on the first day in Spring, manifest
myself as vanishing Indian and think about Rachel’s
butt in her jeans but
it doesn’t always work out that way. I stood on the curb
a moment and enjoyed how the Fugees echoed
out across Pierce from our apartment and
thought about wind and pages turning and time
passing, all that shit. Whole generations just
zapped away by this place and the wind
keeps going, the cars keep clearing
their throats. Most everything’s
already stolen, why not a few hours
while we’re at it?


So What
published under a different title in the anthology RESIST MUCH / OBEY LITTLE

Down the block when younger they
used to strap firecrackers to cats I guess
to assert dominance and some of them
grew up to be cops and most of them
didn’t. I can’t figure out how to install
the Cherokee keyboard on my laptop
so I’m stuck using English characters
in my studies: utana, big; uweji, egg;
aditasdi, something to drink, there is a tenderness
in the way they punish
one another, Roger Ebert

writes in a review of a documentary
about independent wrestlers in
Lincolnton, North Carolina, and I
believe very strongly in the beauty of
professional wrestling, the joy of one
man lifting another above his head
and holding him there so long time
warps and every second matters more
than usual. It’s refreshing to have good
guys and bad guys and that’s it, that’s
why Rachel watches the crime shows:
she says it’s nice to pretend sometimes
justice is delivered. Stone Cold Steve Austin
was embroiled in a struggle with his
boss, who had a fleet of cronies he
called The Corporation. So often we
got to see a regular Southern man
beat up his boss and then drink like
four beers at once and then maybe
pour some more beer on his boss’
supine body, and we wanted to be
Stone Cold but eventually we want
to be the boss, too.


So What

At halftime they stop
to interview the coaches about
how to get better in the next half. I saw Get Out got
home and put on Bitches Brew and opened a beer and I pissed
in and around our toilet. I did this, I did that. I did this, I
that. Spring
training games started yesterday. I did this, I did
that. I did
this I did. Any
team could be a winner this
time around, but there’s about 20 teams
at least that
don’t have a chance. I
am so bored I need to do so much but don’t. I did, I
did. I want to make
words a guitar solo but I don’t know how. Do all these
sound the that? How do guitar
solos sound
are they different sounding. I
this did
that. How do I make this
sound like itself which is guitar how do I make it sound
like it losing the that what’s
the the here anyway? I did this! Why the need
for sound? How out loud must this that o
big your mouth must be as you who this that o
these problems!