Breaking the Ice

Summer is finally here! The time is right for BBQ’s, T-shirts and ton’s of laughter. Here at Woodland Pattern MKE, things are set in motion to see all of those things fall into place. We kicked off our annual summer camp program yesterday with a class of 19, ranging from the ages of 12-17. Students from all around Milwaukee came to get familiar with poetry, community and partnership. It was interesting to see the pot simmer down as time progressed. At first, there was a certain still energy in the air emitting from the students. Each of them, not sure of what to expect from the program. As the day carried on, it was clear that there were bonds that had been made sure to last until the very end. The students participated in various activities including making homemade scrapbooks and a field trip to The Domes. We are excited to see what both the instructors and teens will take away from this week!



“Today was fun, I can’t wait to go to the zoo tomorrow. -Aliyah


“I visited the domes when I was about 5. It’s changed since then. It’s different, it’s better.”-Sonya