Expressing Freedom

You heard it here first folks! That’s right, day 2 of Woodland Pattern summer camp  was a huge success! We met a few new faces, listened to many stories, and had lots of fun! The day started off with an inspiring group circle conversation. The instructor, Mr. George, told everyone to go around and use one word to describe their current mood. A large population of the students responded with “sleepy”. It was interesting to see how as time went on, the mood began to liven. The students were more excited to communicate and many of them went into depth about what they felt in their hearts. After an open discussion of what leadership should look like, students reflected on their views and transformed them into poems. Those poems played the role of affirmations of how to display leadership in the zoo trip. Oh what a zoo trip! The students and instructors both had a blast examining all the animals and writing poems on the animal’s perspective. Check out one  of the heartfelt pieces coming from Gabby, a talented student here at Woodland Pattern!



Do You See Me As I See You?

You look funny,  don’t cha know?

Coming to stare in many sizes

You change your shapes and colors and just stare

Waving like I care

Or even like that you’re there

Even though the food is nice,

I feel more like a prisoner than anything

Because if I was out of here

You would run in fear

Or be amazed at what I am

My question is to you, weird animal

Do you see me, as I see you? -Gabby