Making Life a Song

Making new discoveries, seeing the sun in different colors, changing the vibrations of the universe. That was the theme of yesterday’s Woodland pattern session. We jumped right into a two hour song writing session and each of the students crafted a verse on the message they wanted to contribute. All of them came up with something motivational. You could feel the support each student had for each other as they spoke. In two hours, the students here at Woodland Pattern managed to create a powerful song. Later in the day, the students were astonished at all the cool stuff at discovery world. They remained wide-eyed and jaw dropped most of the trip.  Another day of growth, family, and fun! Check out the chorus to the new song the students created.  Poetry camp video coming soon!


“Speaking your truth, shining your light

Giving your all, winning the fight

Playing the game,  making it right

Doing your best, living this life” – Woodland Pattern Students