Freesia McKee reviews Lesléa Newman’s “I Carry My Mother”

lsleanewman.png“I know how to make matzo balls/big as fists/and how to live on nothing/but cottage cheese, cigarettes, and air/but I know, too/that my mother is involved/in everything I know”

Last year, I watched my mother lose her mother. As my grandmother approached hospice care, we sorted through her stuff. My grandmother hoarded things: coffee mugs, clothes bought from garage sales, cookbooks, newspapers. My mother and her sisters spent weeks clearing out half a duplex stuffed with our matriarch’s many belongings.

My grandmother saved many things, including items from her own mother—my great-grandmother. On the day I visited the emptying house to divide up items with the other grandchildren, I found my great-grandmother’s purse stuffed in a drawer, full of what was in there when she died in 1990—a full wallet, pens, tissues, all the items intact.  Continue reading

Rise to Love: UYLAP Updates

Fourth and fifth graders at Pierce Elementary School and Hopkins Lloyd Community School are working hard to express themselves and get a positive message out to the community.

Students are currently exploring their personal identity while creating a You-Cube. The You-Cube is a six sided three dimensional cube, and each of the six sides represents an aspect of identity. Students are exploring their culture, community, and goals to understand who they are. Students have completed collages, water color, and scratch art as different mediums of expression.

With Darlin’ Nikki Janzen and George Jones, students are also working on a message to the community. Students at Hopkins Lloyd Community are working on a song titled “Rise to Love.”

“Rise to love and build our community.
Make a change in these streets
Try to keep it clean.
Reveal our treasures,
Work together like a team.
Create a change of peace that the whole world can see!”

These students are accomplishing amazing things! Keep checking for updates.