Woodland Pattern interviews Andrea Rexilius on NEW ORGANISM (Letter Machine Editions, 2014)


“I am a girl, and what does it feel like to be a girl. It feels like a hand over your mouth. A hand over your mouth and on your thighs. Some say it is the sound of a rabbit before it is caught. It is the sound of the sky before it comes crashing down.”
~from NEW ORGANISM by Andrea Rexilius

I remember, while still a student at Naropa University, sitting on the purple couch in Andrea Rexilius’ office. Sometimes she would share pieces of her latest work, New Organism, recently published by Letter Machine Editions. Sentences like, “I want to think like a magi; the way stones underwater reflect grief,” and “we are pressing down the floorboards with our tongues. Marking the points of erasure of a person.” They always tugged at me… something about being a girl or a person, or a definition of a verb or a noun I couldn’t name.

And so I’m excited that the book has been released and that a copy sits on the Woodland Pattern shelves, waiting for the right hand to pick it up. I’m also grateful that Andrea took the time to answer, via email, some questions I had sent about her latest work, her poetics and how they weave with her performance work, including her involvement with GASP (Girls Assembling Something Perpetual), a poets’ theater group based in Denver, Colorado.

Thank you, Andrea!


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